Fiper is a fast, beautiful and well-arranged app that makes following news via countless media a pleasure again. In a crystal-clear interface you add the media you want to follow: from large newspaper sites to small, obscure blogs. Childishly simple. Fiper has a Facebook/Instagram-like timeline for news articles, but without an information bubble, compartmentalization and censorship. You can organize everything yourself in media lists.


Fiper is so easy to use that a manual is not necessary. Here are some hints to get the most out of Fiper!

Media lists

In Fiper you track media, which you can add to a media list. We have already put together a few nice standard lists for you, with interesting media per category. But you can also build your own media list from scratch. Each list appears at the top of Fiper in a tab. By swiping you switch media list very quickly.

Edit Media

It is very easy to follow or unfollow media in a media list, or to add a new media. For the latter, use the 'Discover' and 'Search' tabs. There you will find media and media lists selected by us. Either you search for a new medium in the database or you let Fiper search for an RSS feed directly on a website (see below). To edit the media in a list, select the 'Edit Media' option in the menu (top left). The screen that appears gives you an overview of all media in a media list. You can easily follow or unfollow any medium via the buttons on the right.

You add a new medium very quickly by entering a keyword and clicking the Search button. Then use '+' to add the found media to the media list.

Find Feed

Media not found in Fiper? No worries! With 'Find Feed' in the edit and 'Discover' screens you can easily add all the media you want. Whether that is a weblog from the local sports club or a specialized feed from CNN.

Fiper is not only a handy news app, but also a full-fledged RSS reader. So RSS+. Any RSS feed works in Fiper. In doing so, Fiper goes beyond the average RSS app to find headlines, photos and crop photos, making sites look extra good.

To use a feed that isn't already in Fiper, enter the feed's internet address and tap 'Find Feed', the rest will take care of itself!

Better yet, you don't even need to find a feed, Fiper does it for you! Just enter the address of a site, or even that of an article on a site, and Fiper will usually find the corresponding feed on its own! If the site has a feed of course.

Add Medium/Feed by sharing

You can add a site even faster on your mobile or tablet by sharing a web address with the Fiper app. This is possible in all apps that can share an internet address, such as Safari or Chrome. Tap the share button in such an app and select Fiper.

Fiper will then search for the corresponding feed itself. Whether you're sharing an article, a website, or a feed itself, Fiper's smart algorithm usually finds the feed, if it exists.

Set up media lists

You can also easily adjust the media lists themselves by choosing 'Edit lists' in the menu. There you can sort the media lists by holding the icon on the left and then dragging it up or down. With the cross on the right you remove it from the media list.

You can add a new media list by pressing the round + button at the bottom right. In the screen that appears you can add a list pre-selected by us or create a new empty list. Also useful is the 'Media' button, in which you select a number of media from our lists to create your own new list.

Hidden menu for each article

Tap and hold on an article, or use the icon with the dots that you see in the photo or article. A menu appears with a short description of the item and a number of options:

Share: Share the article via, for example, whatsapp, social or mail

Favorite: Put the article in your Fiper favorites.

Open in systeem browser: Open the article in standard browser Safari or Chrome (app only)

Open in private browser: Open the article in a browser that doesn't save history and cookies (app only)

Unfollow: Turn off the medium so that you no longer see articles from it

Finally: tap the icon or title at the top of the menu to view all articles from that medium

Switch lists quickly

Many media lists? Tap or click the round button at the bottom right or the Fiper logo to quickly switch between all your media lists. Then you don't have to scroll through all the tabs!

Other looks

Using the button at the top right you can determine what articles look like. With mainly images, more headlines or a social media layout. Choose your favorite look yourself!


In the menu, at the top left, you will find a number of important things. Options to edit media and media lists, an overview of your favorite articles, help and Settings. There you can enable or disable options:

Summary Article: Normally you go directly to the website on which the article is published. If you prefer a summary of an article first, turn this on.

Discover tab: Here you turn the 'Discover' tab on or off.

Search tab: Here you turn the 'Search' tab on or off.

Mark items: Make some articles in the list larger.Put this out to give all articles the same shape.

Collapse Read Articles:Fiper automatically dims articles you've read. You can choose to make them even smaller, so that they are less visible.

Dark theme: To always have a dark theme in Fiper, even if the system does not have a dark theme capability or is set to a light theme

Create user: (optional) If you are logged in anonymously, you can convert your account here to your email address. Handy if, for example, you want to work on multiple devices at the same time.

Recommend Fiper!

In the menu you can share Fiper with someone else. You help us and others with that, thanks!


For tips, compliments, flowers and complaints you can always contact us via the menu

Share Medium

You can also easily share a medium or feed. In the media editing screen, hold the media and a share menu will appear. This also works at the top of the screen in which you view all articles of a medium.

All devices

Fiper works on your smartphone, tablet, PC, laptop. You can install Fiper on a smartphone or tablet via the App or Play Store. On your PC or laptop, surf to


You can log in anonymously on the app (not on the website, because you can lose the data), but logging in with your email address is often more convenient. By logging in to Fiper with your email address (we certainly do not sell to third parties!), your settings of media lists and media are safe and you can work with the same media and media lists on multiple devices at the same time.

Logging in is also very easy: enter your email address and press Send Mail. On the same device, go to your email and tap/click on the link we sent you. Voila, Fiper opens and you are logged in!

In the unlikely event that Fiper does not open automatically, copy the link address in the email (right-clicking on the link usually works best) and use the clipboard icon at the bottom right of the login screen. Paste the link and log in anyway. Otherwise, contact us!


If you're using a mobile device, it's best to install the app right away (highly recommended!)

With a PC, just go to the site to start. Tip: Chrome and Edgebrowsers allow you to add Fiper to the Windows or MacOS home screen!

Simple, right?


Team Fiper